Patient Info

Office Visits

Appointments are given for both initial and follow-up visits. The appointment indicates the time patients are expected to arrive for triage, not the time they will be seen by the physician. Patients requiring urgent care are referred to the ER.

Eligibility Criteria

• Must be a resident of Hardin, LaRue, Meade, Breckinridge, or Grayson Counties
• Must be employed with an income at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level
• A full time student (12 credit hours per semester minimum) or
• Receiving disability income without medical coverage

Eligibility Screening: By Appointment only. Call (270) 763-9589 for appointment

What is needed for eligibility screening:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of current residency (home address)
  • Proof of household income
    • Previous month paystubs
    • Disability award letter
    • Unemployment paystubs
    • Child support
    • Food stamps will NOT be used as proof of incomes
    • Unemployment applicant will be required to bring in an Earned Income Statement provided by the Office of Employment Services Community Based Services.
  • Most recent tax return OR if taxes were not filed a Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return will need to be signed.
  • Proof of chronic medical condition with an established diagnosis (examples: diabetes, heart condition, COPD, Asthma)
  • List of current medications

The Clinic Does not Provide any of the Following Services:

  • Pharmacy services to non-client patients
  • Dispensing of narcotics
  • Physical exam for the purpose of employment, school, sports, Workers Compensation claims, or disability claims
  • The clinic does not assume financial responsibility for medical expenses incurred as a result of recommended diagnostic procedures, treatment, or evaluation.