• 0907 2015
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    Health Care

    Health care is undergoing tremendous change. Many question "Will free clinics across the nation close?" and What will happen to our local free clinic?" The Department for Public Health, Health Care Access Branch encouraged us not to disband our local free clinic. Congressional Budget Office projections state even after full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there will still be 29-31 million uninsured. As a 12 year old 501(c)(3) charitable clinic, we have spent over 2 years determining what ongoing needs will exist.

    The clinic has expanded its services to include Hardin, LaRue, Meade, Breckinridge, and Grayson Counties. We are also adding services. We have increased our financial criteria to service those up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Since Medicaid now covers up to 138% of the FPL, we are better able to help the working poor. They often do not qualify for government assistance but cannot afford the costly premiums, large deductibles and co pays associated with purchased coverage. In consideration of those costs, many choose to pay the associated fines.

    There have been many difficulties surrounding ACA enrollment. We hope to ease this process by providing face to face advocacy. We will also provide prescription assistance to the underinsured! This includes elderly citizens on fixed incomes unable to afford the medications!